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Date: 15th October 2016
High Effective Foundry Slag Remover And Dregs Remover And Deslagging Agent And Slag Coagulant For Iron-casting
Quick Details?Place of Origin: ?Henan, China (Mainland) ?Brand Name: ?Topchase ?Size: ?0-8mm ?Application: ?Foundry?for iron/steel making ?SiO2 Content (%): ?63-74% ?Fe2O3 Content (%): ?0.1-2% ?Al2O3 Content (%): ?12-16% ?MgO Content (%): ?0.3% ?CaO Content (%): ?0.15-1.5% ?K2O Content (%): ?1-4% ?Na2O Content (%): ?4-5% ?Loss On Ignition: ?4-8% ?Expanded Or Not: ?Expanded ?color: ?GrayPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details: ? ?1) Net weight 25kg per units(plastic woven bag); 1 metric ton in P.P bag(waterproofing) with sling. ?2) Net weight 25kg per units(plastic woven bag); 1 metric ton on pallet with plastic film. ?3) As customer's request. ?Delivery Detail:?10-30 days according to the quantityProduct detailsSlag Remover is yellow-white,gray-white or black-gray granules which is composed of the precise screening and scientific configuring a variety of heat preservation slag materials with pre-treatment of high temperature.Features ?1. Good insulating effect ?2. Strong performance of slag collection, good spreadability and not stick the ladle. ?3. Non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, economic and practical etc. ?4. The quality can be comparable to domestic similar slag remover,but price lower. ?5. It overcome the shortcomings of bad heat insulating ,poor effect on slag collection and easy to stick ladle existed in domestic agent. Since put into the market,it has been well-received by users.SpecificationApplicationIt is widely used in iron and steel casting industry, including common iron casting, nodular casting, malleable casting etc. Functions ?1. Remove the molten iron surface slag in the intermediate frequency furnace. ?2. Used for Slagging and dossing in ladle. ?3. Used for heat insulating in the ladle and slagging when pouring.FAQ: ?1. Q:For Slag Remover ,Which Brand is Good ? ?A:It's difficult to say, brand, quality,cost performance,need check,Suitable Is Good. ?2. Q: Slag remover chemical component ? ?A: SiO2, Al2O3 ?3. Q:Why Slag remover can collect smelting slag ?A:when it come across the high temperature,it will ?1) In-tumescent ?2) Softening ?3) Melting ?Can penetrate slag in molten state and adsorption ?4. Q:How the choose the suitable size of slag remover ? ?A:according to the liquid iron temperature to choose the suitable size, ?5. ?Q: What is the right time to added slag remover? ?A: Slag it much, have effect on feeding material or insulating?Before tapping ?6. Q: What the right added amount of slag agent ? ?A:In the process of guarantee slag slag without fracture,Use less as far as possible
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