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Date: 15th October 2016
Submerged Entry Nozzle And Fused Quartz Nozzle And Long Nozzle For Continuous Casting
?Quick Details?Place of Origin: ?Henan,Website:, China (Mainland) ?Shape: ?Pipe ?Material: ?fused silica ?SiO2 Content (%): ?99% ?Al2O3 Content (%): ?---- ?MgO Content (%): ?---- ?CaO Content (%): ?---- ?Refractoriness (Degree): ?Common (1580?< Refractoriness< 1770?) ?CrO Content (%): ?---- ?SiC Content (%): ?---- ?Model Number: ?Customer's Requirement ?Brand Name: ?Topchase ?Application: ?Tundish ?Usage: ?Splash proof and anti-oxidationPackaging & Delivery ?Packaging Details: stardard export package, plywood case with steel strip ?Delivery Detail:?Shipped in 30 days after paymentProduct details ?The quartz nozzle with good thermal shock stability, corrosion resistance and erosion resistance can?reduce the cost of continuous casting. Quartz Nozzle have Submerged Nozzle and Long Nozzle. ?Divided by function: ?1.Hanging Nozzle ?2.Submerged nozzle ?3.Quick-exchange nozzleFeatures ?1. Ensure the flow of the molten steel while normal casting speed. ?2. Make heat flux uniform dstributed in the mold and on the cut surface of the billet. ?3. Help to protect the slag from melting rapidly. ?4. Help to float inclusion, no slag entrapment. ?5. Avoid the molten steel flipping sharply in the mold. ?6. Easy to install.SpecificationTechnical IndexSubmerged entry nozzleLong nozzleCRSQRSSiO2 ?(%) ?????99.499.4Apparent porosity ?(%) ?1918Bulk density (g/cm?) ??1.901.90Refractoriness (?) ????17501750Cold crushing strength (MPa)?3939Application: ?Used in the field of metallurgy, electronics, defense and scientific research,especially for the continuous casting of steel. Also used in the basic zones of small billet,big billet, rectangular billet and so on.Note: ?1. Service life depends on the steel-making condition, refractory slide gate and different operation mode. ?2. Delivery time should be maked as long as we get your drawings. If new molds are needed, more time will be demand. ?3.The composition and data can be adjusted as per your drawings.Contact ?Skype: Bradwyx ? ?QQ: 3115736837 ?E-mail:;
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