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Date: 21st September 2016
Supplier Industry Silicon Slag Ball Or Briquette Or Powder Or Granule Or Lump For Foundry Iron Casting
Quick Details?Place of Origin: ?Henan, China (Mainland) ?Brand Name: ?Topchase ?Application: ?Steel-making, iron casting, foundry ?Shape: Ball/Briquette/powder/granule/lump ? ?Dimensions: ?30-50mm ?Chemical Composition: ?Si C S P Al ?COLOR: ?Grey or BLACK ?Commodity name: ?silicon slag ball ?Certificate: ?CIQ/ISO9001/SGS ?Product name: ?si slag ball ?Size: ?30-50mm ?Standard: ?specification ?Grade: ?Industrial Grade ?Item: ?Silicon SlagPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details: ? ?1. Regular products packing with 1000 kg composite woven bags outside for each ton. ?2. Special product package with moisture barrier bag. ?3. Package with customer's requirement, single packing also can be adjusted according to the size of converter molten pool.Delivery Detail: Shipped in 15 days after paymentProduct detailsSilicon briquette is composed of metal silicon slag powder by machine pressing. Silicon Slag is a floating scum with a lot of metal silicon and other metal chemical elements produced during the process of smelting silicon which is a good deoxidezer. It is widely used in deoxidizing and purifying the molten steel. As its price is low with good effectiveness, many factories use it instead of Ferro silicon.Application: ?1.It is a good substitute for ferro silicon in steel making, which has advantage in reducing the production cost and saving energy. ?2. It is used to be made silicon briquette which has far and wide market at home and abroad. ?3. It is used as deoxidizing agent in steel making to reduce oxygen levels in the melt via reaction . ?4. Can be used as deoxidizing agent in the production of magnesium, chromium and other metals via the same mechanism.Specification ? ? ?UsageChemical composition (%)SiFeAlCa??Metallurgy refractory99.00.400.400.1098.50.500.500.3098.00.500.500.3097.00.500.600.5095.00.600.700.6090.00.6080.00.60Chemical ? ? ?industry99. of Industrial Silicon ?1. With largest consume of silicon ,Silicon aluminum alloy is one kind of strong complex deoxidizing agent. In the steel making line it can replace Al which can greatly improve the using rate of deoxidizer.purified the molten steel,improve the quality of steel. ?2. Auto Industrial have great demand on Silicon and the rapid development of auto industrial in ?the country lead to the great need of Silicon. ?3. Used as additive for non-ferrous based alloys ;Or as alloy agent for the strict silicon steel,and the deoxidizer for smelting special steel and non-ferrous based alloy. ?4. Silicon is used to produce silicone rubber, silicone resins, silicon oil, organic silicon etc. which are used for making medical product,high temperature gasket and coating,insulating paint, high grade lubricant,polisher,high grade waterproof coatings. ?5. Industrial silicon serves for photo-voltaic industry and electronic industry. Solar photovoltaic product takes up market share more than 80% and the demand of silicon is increasing dramatically. ?6. Now most large-scale integrated circuits were made of high-purity metallic silicon which also is the main raw material to produce optical fiber.
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